Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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MBYLL "Sportsman of the Week" Nominations and Winners
In an effort to grow and honor the game of lacrosse, MBYLL is recognizing those players and coaches who promote sportsmanship, integrity, character, and fair play. Each week, we will select one player and one coach from nomination submissions to be our league's "Sportsman of the Week."
Weekly winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to DICK'S Sporting Goods, a $50 gift certificate to Apex Entertainment in Marlborough, a pair of tickets to the May 30 Premier Lacrosse League doubleheader at Gillette Stadium, and you will be recognized on the Gillette Stadium field during halftime of one of the games!
To nominate a player or coach for examplary acts of sportsmanship, please Click Here!
2020 Honorees
Week 1 Player "Sportsman of the Week": 
Week 1 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": 
Week 2 Player "Sportsman of the Week": 
Week 2 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": 
Week 3 Player "Sportsman of the Week":
Week 3 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": 
Week 4 Player "Sportsman of the Week":
Week 4 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": 
Week 5 Player "Sportsman of the Week":
Week 5 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": 
Week 6 Player "Sportsman of the Week":
Week 6 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": 
Week 7 Player "Sportsman of the Week":
Week 7 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": 
Week 8 Player "Sportsman of the Week":
Week 8 Coach "Sportsman of the Week":